Adventures in Fitting Denim Jenny Overalls

These were a challenge, yet fun to make, and even more awesome to wear! I made the Closet Core Patterns Jenny Overalls in a 12 oz. Japanese denim from Blackbird Fabrics (unfortunately they are currently sold out at the moment). These overalls make me feel very 1940s working women, but with a modern twist…I honestly like them more and more whenever I see them in my closet. I was unsure of them one I first made them, but they are truly growing on me.

So now, some of the challenges.

These were definitely one of the tricker things I’ve sewn. I made a size 8 and took 1/2″ out of the front rise. This is something I usually do (coming in at only 5’2″), BUT in doing so they were just too snug down there. After getting some feedback on instagram stories (thank you!!) and lots of googling (for example, I went onto this thread) I had to make some adjustments after the fact to lengthen the rise. I ended up having enough room in the seam allowance to let them out a bit in the crotch curve and I had to extend the straps. After wearing them twice now I do like the fit and find them 85/100 on the comfort scale. Bending over is still a challenge, but I find this is the case with most overalls/jumpsuits that I have made.

This was also the first time I did a lapped zipper (yayy!!) and topstitching on the back pockets. The lapped zipper instructions were a little challenging for me to follow to be honest, especially the last steps where I was supposed to enclose the zipper via some magically stitching. I’m not sure if I was having so much difficulty because of my lack of knowledge, or trying to force 4 layers of thick denim through a (admittedly) not so great sewing machine.

I also added a second button the side for extra flexibility depending on what I’m wearing underneath. I also took about an inch and a half off the side seam allowances for a closer fit.

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