My New Year’s Seamwork Erica

This was my holiday dress, a hacked version of the Seamwork Erica. Even though I was just staying at home it felt nice to get out of my pj’s…

The pattern is a really soft stretch velvet in the color Peacock from Minerva Crafts. Many firsts for me: 1) first time working with velvet 2) first time making a knit wrap dress 3) first time doing a mutton/gigot sleeve. Which meant there were some definite stumbling blocks along the way!

I used MyBodyModel to think about the hacks for the dress based on the TV inspiration from Normal People. I am a big fan of the book and it’s depiction of complicated relationships – Sally Rooney is incredible when it comes to millennial relationships and characters. Therefore, of course I watched the show and was also a big fan of Daisy Edgar Jones, and of course, the costuming. Several articles have been written on the costumes, like here, and here. I was especially captivated by that blue velvet kimono Marianne wears and wanted to try my version of the costume.

I ended up doing a mutton sleeve hack using the Seamwork tutorial for the Neenah Sweater by Emma Bonsall. It was my first time doing the mutton (or gigot) but the instructions were super helpful. I also made the arm holes bigger to get a looser fit.

I struggled a bit with this project. I sewed part of the neckline upside down (so the slanted edge of the neckline is NOT supposed be attached to the back of the collar..whoops!) and the skirts all flipped around. For those that are unfamiliar, velvet has a nape, meaning a direction to the fibers. When they are rotated 180 degrees they will look different, and I learned my lesson on this one!

I was able to salvage it by re-attaching the skirts; however, the neckline is a little extra wonky. I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out, but learned a bit on this one and will hopefully bring it out on special occasions in the future. Has anyone else had a bit of a sewing fail they were able to recover from? Or not recover from? No judgements here!

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