My Embroidered Thrifted Blouse

I purchased this blouse at a thrift store in Colorado. Back then, I also intended to embroider the top and even acquired embroidery thread from another thrift store as well. The blouse sat in my WIP bin for over 3 years and I finally pulled it out last week.

I gathered embroidery inspiration from Pinterest and started sketching on the top. I have recently been inspired by Christi Johnson’s series on Seamwork and her interview on the podcast talking about embroidery and Stitch Wishes. The idea of embroidering small designs on my garments, adding personality, and embedding a bit of magic has always excited me.

I did some practice sketches and played around with colors. This was my first time really doing embroidery aside from some just practice stitches. The shirt didn’t need much refashioning aside from taking off the sewn in belt using a seam ripper.

Pinterest Inspiration

After only a few practice stitches, I decided to just go for it! I did some stem stitches and lazy daisy’s for the flowers. I also practiced my french knots for the inside of the flowers. Each night after work I worked on it little by little, adding a couple of stitches at a time.

Embroidery is a great sewing alternative as it can be done on a couch after a day of working. My flowers got progressively better as I worked my way through the design. Through trial and error I learned some basic stitches and only broke 3 needles along the way 🙂 I also realized the importance of interfacing the back to add stability and usefulness of a threader for threading the pesky embroidery needle. All of my supplies were thrifted so I only add little bits of thread. I ended up changing colors along the stem and actually liked the diversity of green and yellow shades.

The messy insides

I am very pleased with how the blouse turned out. There will definitely be more embroidery in my future!

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