My Spring Seamwork Campbell Jumpsuit

This is the #seamworkcampbell jumpsuit in a linen blend from Stylemaker Fabrics
I followed along the Seamwork class. This was my first time doing a sew-a-long trying to sew from a video. I found it useful and a fun way to go through the pattern. I haven’t been sewing finished clothing too much recently, instead focusing on making a bodice sloper, so this has been the only wearble garment I’ve made this month. I’ve worked on it slowly over the past 3 weeks, not having too much sewing energy with the start of the semester. This is also my first Make Nine 2021 completed project!

I made a size 4 and increased the seam allowance along the waist. I also used floral scraps for the under collar and belt loops. I am not entirely sold on the floral, but have worn it several times and so far I don’t seem to mind. I made this back in the winter and have only been able to wear it recently into the spring as the linen is very lightweight.

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